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How to choose the right web host

If you don’t choose the right company to host your website, you could run in to many problems and lots of frustration. In this video, I will show you how to choose a host that’s a good fit for your needs.

20 Responses to How to choose the right web host

  • daniel says:

    Hey Zack, I dont know why, but I can’t make any of my artisteer themes to work properly in hostgator, I’ve used them in other servers with no issues, can you help me out?

  • Fernando says:

    I have a website hosting on Yahoo (for 6 years) and seems working fine, sometimes I get very slow, pages are taking 30 sec to load ( which normally does in 2 sec); I called them and they said everything is normal!!! There are some other limitations such as Out going mail function is limited to 100 which can not be increased; also they do not support htaccess file.
    My website has more than 120k visits per month and will have more in next 2-3 months; it is a commercial website and has data transfer (some downloads).
    Now I’m trying to find a better hosting company to move; what is your idea?
    I’m thinking of GoDaddy ( I know it seems funny); please advice what to do.


  • Dave Cleveland says:

    I’ve been using InMotion Hosting for about three years now and they’ve been great tech support is always there and always helpful. I noticed the other day that they had the plan I have on sale to new members for $7.99 a month. I called up billing and inquired about it since I was paying $9.99. She put me on hold for a minute came back and offered me an update rate of $6.98 a month. CHEAPER than a new subscriber. So far, so good. I’ve been impressed with them.

  • Kat says:

    Hi Zach,

    I too have been with Hostgator for many years with great service most of the time.
    I have a reseller account that is monitored by Alertra.

    The website servers and routers are checked 24/7 from around the world to make sure they are up and running.

    They will monitor 50 URLs for $10 a month … well worth it in my opinion.
    My ftp-host is checked every hour and the domains every 10 minutes.
    I get an email immediately if the site is down.
    My average uptime for the years I have been there is above 99% over all.
    I get weekly reports.

    Over the last 18 years I have used a number of hosts.
    One went out of business and was charged with fraud by the government.
    Several simply were “kiddy hackers” thinking they could run a business and could not.
    Some were slow and not reliable period or I knew more than their tech service. Which really sucks if you need help and have people who rely on you.

    For the most part I have been thrilled with HostGator.

    I refuse to work with anyone who wants to use Godaddy hosting.
    They however are the best for registering your domains in my opinion.

    Net Solutions lost one of my domain names because someone failed to do the proper paperwork after I had paid to renew. Their responsibility they got it back after a struggle.
    They muffed it and I left for good never to look back.

    Personally trouble free, fast, competent service is what I expect and hostgator provides it.
    I have transferred websites from another host and the tech guys did it all for me without a hitch.

    Thanks for your tips :)


    • That sounds like a really cool service! Generally I only know if my sites are down if I have angry customers calling me, ha ha. Sounds like we’re both in the same boat re: godaddy for domains and hostgator for hosting! :)

    • Jeffrey says:

      - i am so bummed i miessd out!!! sounds like you learned a ton! next time please don’t schedule one of these during my birthday weekend, k?! lol January 6, 2010 12:09 am

  • Gary Owen says:

    Hi Zack,
    Hostgator is very good for the USA, but for speed and I mean seconds then I would use a local UK host as we know wordpress can be a bit slow depending on the widgets and plugins you have. I use
    and a reseller pack as I have a few websites and I use Weebly for Websites aimed at the USA market.

    Have a great week, oh are you using Wistia for video or just a flow player linked to s3?

    Gary Owen.

    • Thanks for the input Gary! Hopefully that will help some other UK chaps. (See that, I just used your vernacular to be more relate-able, which I think is pretty impressive.)

      I am using S3/Cloudfront with easy video player,

    • Chris says:

      Sorry Gary, but I disagree about unlimited.

      Have used them as a reseller since last year and they have been nothing but trouble, either with setup issues or downtime/sluggish speeds.

      I use two other hosts, one of which is hostgator (which can be slow in Europe) and I have no downtime problems. Recently unlimited have had connectivity problems sometimes daily as they try to move away from melbourne’s hosting environment. They are good at response times when you open tickets, but they are bad at diagnosing problems and seem in my experience to rarely get the job done correctly. I don’t do anything special and just require basic hosting but I would guess that I have opened maybe 20 separate tickets this year, which isn’t acceptable – and I don’t open a ticket unless I have to.

      Unlimited is a good product in theory, but in practice it’s unreliable and therefore we are now looking to move away from them. They may be cheap, but with all the problems I’d rather pay a little bit more for reliability.

  • Thanks. All good advice. I completely agree with the GoDaddy and Networl Solutions comments but I did just put up a website for a client on NS because they already had an account there and it just seemed easier to avoid having to set up additional accounts etc.

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