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5.9 – Styling the Content

Length: 17:21Implementation Time: 30:00

48 Responses to 5.9 – Styling the Content

  • lenny says:

    great videos. really cover a lot.

    just a small question: how did you create a page that represents the blog?
    how can i create this page that will show me a preview of my blog?
    by default this page is not created.


  • Sandra says:

    I’ve learned a lot with your tutorials, It is what I was looking for, it seemed to me to be an easy to use program, but I had some blanks in what I can do with it.

  • Scott Hathaway says:

    Very informative! I have learned so much from your tutorials! I cannot wait to get started using Artisteer with a new found knowledge. I’ve not touched it since I’ve started viewing these so I could take notes. I’m almost ready to start diggin’ in.

    Thank you,

    Scott Hathaway

  • Craig says:

    Hi Zach,
    Is there a way to use an image instead of a color for the background of the content? Say if you had an image of notebook paper or maybe a ancient scroll.

      • Craig says:

        From what you have put down as replies in the 3 post I have made it looks like artisteer is not the best choice to do what I need it to. Almost every theme just looks like boxes put together.

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