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5.8 – Header

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  • Michelle CEO says:

    I have tons of questions, hopefully there is an easy answer for them. Do you have a tutorial or any information on how you made your current header? My specific questions are 1) How do you get the blue and orange to continue across the page (and look like it is behind the other blue and orange part). 2) How did you get the uneven effect in the center? 3) How did you get the picture to stay in a position so that it looks like a cut out? 4) Can these things also be done with a footer?

    I did watch this header video, but you use a different headed. Please let me know if there are certain points in the video that I should go back over to achieve similar.

  • lenny says:


    amazing videos, i watch them all. amazing investment of energy on your side.

    just a small question:

    on the “header” tab, there’s a button labeled “shape”. (above “controls”).
    how do you use it?


  • Mervyn Futter says:

    Similar question to Scott I guess. I’d like to have a smaller logo in the header on the left and then on the right a widget area that I could load perhaps a banner in.
    I work with Joomla so it would be a module for me. If I could put a module position in there I could add almost anything to that position, is this possible do you know please ?
    Thank you for the tutorials they are most helpful.

    • Cool Mervyn, I will keep this in mind! I am not sure how to do it in Joomla, as I don’t use it that often, but I’ll put it on my to-do list to do a WP tutorial about it.

  • hiram says:

    I am enjoying your tutorial. However I am having difficulty with a couple of things. First, when the tutorial first started, I did not choose the one you selected, I chose another. Because of this, I’m running into some issues that I don’t think you’ve covered. 1) I’d like to place another horizontal menu on my template. How would that be possible. I can seem to do it within the header, but I would like it to be a component all its own. 2) I already had a logo created. When I placed it within the header, I couldn’t “bring it to the front” there was just the “send to back” option. How can I bring it to the front?

    Otherwise, thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

    • Hi Hiram, unfortunately, there’s no way to add another menu area in Artisteer — you have to do some php hacking in WordPress to accomplish that.

      And for bringing the logo up, there’s also no way to re-order. You will have to just add it last. (so in other words, delete/move everything that’s there and upload it in the proper order.)

  • Scott Hathaway says:

    Very nice presentation, once again!

    I do have a question about adding blocks to the header for use in WordPress. Is there a way to “reserve” a portion of the header for links like “Login” or “Login | FAQ | Contact” or something along those lines that point to a page in WordPress. I know they can be made through widgets, but then putting the widgets into a block that doesn’t exist could be an issue.

    Basically, is there a way to put empty blocks in the header so that WordPress will see them and allow widget placement?

    Thank you,

    Scott Hathaway

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