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5.6 – Navigation Menu

Length: 14:33Implementation Time: 30:00

45 Responses to 5.6 – Navigation Menu

  • Tor says:

    Hi, thank you for making this training, i have used Artisteer for a while, but i still love this training course.
    You are a very good teacher:)

    Regards from Norway

  • Elissa says:

    Hi. I liked your training about artisteer. It is really unique and no such clarifications exist elsewhere. Keep the good work :)

    However, I have a little difficulty following your steps in module 5.6.
    I am after a menu with submenu levels. When you hover your mouse above “home” then I see submenu levels. Did you add these from the beginning? I can’t see how? I tried myself to extend a menu button to submenu levels BUT in vain :(

    Anyhelp would be appreciated.

  • Jar says:

    I’ts been very helpful for me,I want to make my menu(top menu) half way wide how can I do that?


  • Sandra says:

    This video was great. I love to work creating pages and using my computer, but I’m not some good creating things and mixing colors.
    You are giving to me a bunch of ideas to get a very nice website.

  • Scott Hathaway says:

    Again, excellent step by step! No tweaks needed. Very informative and straight forward. Only thing I would change in these videos is the option to turn up the resolution. 360p or 480p would be awesome. Just makes it easier to see the subtle changes you made.

    Other than that… nothing… on to next module!

    Thank you,

    Scott Hathaway

  • Buzzy Amos says:

    The subtle changes you made in the navigation are the kinds of things I wanted to do as a designer but were rather difficult doing them with just code. I am learning a lot about “subtle” changes as a whole though, and Artisteer makes these designs a lot easier to create. Hats off again to you and Artisteer.

  • sharon says:

    Zach, I found out my answer to my question, it was the text size, BUT! how can i move the home button over to the left instead of it starting approximately 1″ from left side -to much wasted space over on left.

    Appreciate your help, thank you Zach


  • sharon says:

    Zach, somehow accidentally I noticed in my menu area one of my pages dropped down from the top line onto a 2nd line under the first line of a total of 5 pages: i know it wasn’t because there wasn’t enough room for it on top line because it was fitting fine with still extra room.

    Please help me fix this problem.

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