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5.5 – Background and Colors

Length: 12:55Implementation Time: 30:00

83 Responses to 5.5 – Background and Colors

  • Kevin says:

    Thanks for the exceptional Artisteer tutorials…it has been both a pleasure and very helpful.

    Thank you for time and effort you put into this all for our benefit.


  • mike bradley says:

    Thanks I appreciated the way you went through each part. Your sequence made a lot of sense.

    BTW I am a 62 year old, retired high school math teacher (taught for 40 yrs) looking for another career as a web designer. Your help is valued much.


  • Sharon says:

    These tutorials are really great and your so helpful with your prompt answers. I have never seen so much help with a theme its been excellent support so far. Your great Zack, you provide a great service here with all your help.
    Thank you,

  • Sharon says:

    Zack i am having a problem with the border color, i follow your insturctions: go to> border color: go to column style>go to weight to make sure its one pixel>click more colors and choose the color and okay, i am working on my right hand menu column. Not sure why it keeps doing this.

  • Sharon says:

    im not sure what to do i got stuck, my lorem ipsum ended up just under where my hader should be but then there is a space in between that header and the lorem ipsum
    -underneath that the text box is a picture i did not put in there pretty sure it belongs to the lorem thing. and my right sidebar which is like a box around the lorem think and text text then a little send box is there in the same box,,

    i can’t change the color of that whole sidebar where you in your video had it peechy color and you turned it back into green. that box in my site seems to be separated because of that lorum thing, i can’t even color the bottom part of that because the top half of that sidebar has the issues with the lorum thing as said above.

    Everything else is fine so far.

  • Noopur says:

    Two horizontal menus please. And by the way, I am pleasantly surprised by this quick response (don’t expect that usually unless its some sales person)


  • Noopur says:

    Can I have dual menu for my website? I have a lot of stuff to put on the website but wouldn’t like to crowd my menu so I’d like to break it into two. Please let me know if thats possible.


  • Rod Barbee says:

    These tutorials are really, really good. You’ve thought them out very nicely.
    I too have run into some of the limitations of the Home and Academic Edition. I was trying to change the background texture settings (blending mode, etc.) and they’re not to be found. Strangely enough they do appear in the Header Options.
    Again, great tutorials. I’m learning a ton and they’re fun to watch.

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