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5.4 – Layout and Content Area

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  • Sandra says:

    Thanks again for this tut, is really great, I’m going through the steps doing them one by one and I’m watching the results.

    • like, different brands of devices, or different sizes of devices? If it’s the latter, you can do that with the @media property in CSS. I will probably create a tutorial about this someday, but if you look in the responsive stylesheet, you will see it in use.

  • Massimo says:

    Hey there, I came across your tuts. Great job!!! I just have a question. I exported it all and uploaded it to wordpress. Being a game lodge I want to offer them the ability to do daily blogs of animals sightings that they have seen. So I got to posts and create a post and the righting comes out longer than the actual page? if you look at the website page I submitted you will see what I mean. Is it something I need to set in Artisteer? Thanks once again!

    • Hey Massimo, I am getting the following error when I view your site: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/massimod/public_html/wedding/wp-content/themes/massimo33355/library/wrappers.php on line 36

      Did you accidentally break something? (lol)

  • Mike says:

    I am using Artisteer 4, and there are a view things different than what you are showing…
    I am using the 3 columns and wanted to know how i would set up the New Pages.
    I did not have the same picture as what you are showing….I purchased the 50 model not the 100 brand…I noticed that under your sheet the borders dont increase in size and you cannot leave a border…I am worried about the New page setup…it has your new page setup on your Menu bar….i listed everything…i am doing a 3 column. what do i need to setup on the new page…I got the tools learned pretty good from your video….just a few cliches.

  • Buzzy Amos says:

    Hi Zack, I am working with version 4.1….. and even though you are teaching version 4 everything so far seems to be spot on. I know this tutorial is geared toward a WP site, but do you, or know of others, that do tutorials on other formats such as php, html, joomla, etc.? I want you to know though, even though this is geared toward WP I am learning “Artisteer” a lot better than I did and that is very important to me. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Buzzy, I don’t know of anyone who has a good Joomla tut, as I am personally not a fan of Joomla. However, I’m about to release an HTML tutorial, and php is definitely something I’d like to cover in the future! What CMS are you planning to use and why?

  • sharon says:

    Zach, somehow my headings that we did 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the lorem ipsum, the bullets , numbers and table is on a page that i am going to use how do i change that so its on some other page as my site is finished , i have been doing some changes, like taking your advice and deleting my profile picture, until i get to wp.

    Thank you Zach for your great advice as always.

    i have another ? i have a lot of wp training tutorials i can go to already, does your wp tutorials specifically deal with problems that concern the artisteer theme specifically and fixing those artisteer theme problems in wp.

    • Hi Sharon, once you have your theme in WordPress, you don’t need to have the header text in your pages anymore — I only have you type it in in Artisteer so you can style it. In WP, you just select the text, then choose what header it is.

      My training is for WordPress, but with the assumption that it’s an Artisteer theme, so it’s kinda geared towards that. I saw that you purchased it — thanks a bunch!

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