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Module 5 – Artisteer Step-By-Step

Length: 3:22

15 Responses to Module 5 – Artisteer Step-By-Step

  • Valentin says:

    Thank you for your wonderful well explained tutorials. Thank you for your sites that you share, hard to find !
    Is there a any way to make your videos a channel on a popular video platform (don’t give names, there are many). I’d like to subscribe and follow (and never miss) your videos ! Who know, on many views some bucks will pay you another wonderful programs that you can decode for us !!!
    Keep up the good work !

  • sharon valenta says:

    Hi Zach, I’m back, it’s Sharon, i think i missed the spot where at the beginning you had mentioned that in the sheet part there are 4 little sections, (and you said at that time it will mess you up-those 4 little sections in the sheet part -maybe its beyond this level of where i am right here in level 5, i think you said you would mention it later on in one of the levels, so maybe its coming up.

    I’m back so I guess that means I can’t be without the Artisteer training with Zach, thanks, again

  • Hey Zach,

    I created the WordPress theme Everything seems to be working fine except that when I click on categories, the left column disappears, the title of the post appears on top of the right column on the left.

    Same thing happens when I customize the theme so that the front page displays “Your latest post” with the contact page form at the bottom added.

    Any clues as to what is causing this. Is it the latest version of WordPress? The theme itself? A setting on WordPress?

    Any insight will be gratefully appreciated.


    Total newbie to online blogging and ecommerce. Can you tell?

  • Lerato says:

    Hi Zach,

    I want to put a contact form in my websites as i am using artisteer to build them i dont know how to do that so please help me on that one. i want a form that will interact with customers


      • Onelito says:

        I made my way through a lot of WordPress theme geotarenrs and although Artisteer exceeds most of them, I can say I am not happy with it either. It’s great if you are a beginner when it comes to web design, you can easily make use of your editing options, but as a beginner, I wouldn’t pay the money. I’d rather pay a web designer instead and save me the trouble of fixing compatibility and design problems, or use free online web geotarenrs, which can make my work much easier and fun. Lubith for example is a great editor, very flexible and dynamic. You can select/move/resize/edit properties of all the elements of the layout, test/download/use your wordpress themes in no time.

  • mark says:

    I have a problem with read more buttons for posts, i looked at some of the artisteer templates and they all have good looking read more buttons,i cannot work out how to add these to my own posts inside wordpress

  • Aleks says:

    Very useful, it solved few of my problems, but I miss some more detailed Artisteer tutorial, as I still having problems how to design the columns or how to design blocks inside the main layout and such.

    • Valentin says:

      Hello, if you don’t want the header on a page, on the right side of the backpanel, when editing that page, in the theme option, uncheck “Show Header on Page” and you will have a page without header. If you want the menu gone also, you need to put some work on the header.php file (a conditional IF to check the page ID and some in header style like display:none on the navbar id name).

      • bobby harnishfeger says:

        Question: How do you tie pages together. My wife sells beaded jewelry and each page has 2 or 3 pix pages of bracelets, and then 2 or 3 pix pages of necklaces and so on. How do I set up a main page for example; bracelets, and be able to page through and look at all of the bracelet pix pages, like be able to set up a button that can be clickable to see each page.


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