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Module 2 – Planning

Length: 8:04Implementation Time: 10:00

35 Responses to Module 2 – Planning

  • Selma says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! There were a lot of things which I already did intuitively, but it’s always good to hear that you’re on the right way and for me it was good to get some structure in the things I was already doing. So the 5 point breakdown helped me a lot!

  • Sandra says:

    Thanks a lot, it really help me. I’m new on this subject and I was a little bit lost in my travel to get a website finished.

  • Scott Hathaway says:

    I enjoyed this module just as much as the first one. Thank you kindly for sharing the online resources that are available. I now have a “road-map” per say to follow while planning a website. I look forward to the next module!

    Thank you,

    Scott Hathaway

  • Sander says:

    Thanks for the information. It has really helped me get better inside on how to make an organised scheme for the creation of a new site. Mostly I just began and changed things on the fly when I wanted it. But this works far better.

  • Patrick says:

    Hi Zach,

    I’m really liking your tutorials! This video illustrates a crucial point and often a difficult one in web design: the color scheme. I never thought about the color scheme very much or the feeling that I wanted the user to feel while browsing my site. Great tip!

    • Hi George, thanks lol. It’s generally because I get stopped mid-way.

      And, erm, because I want to make sure you’re paying attention. ;-)

      I’ll probably release more templates down the line; we will see. After releasing this last one, I didn’t get quite as good of a response as I’d expected, so I’ll probably be focusing more on trainings for the time being.

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