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WordPress: How to switch your sidebar’s position on your Artisteer theme

Let’s say your sidebar’s on the left and you want it on the right, but you’ve already messed with your live theme, and don’t want to have to export a new theme and do all those changes over again. If that’s the case, you’ll probably fall in love with me for creating the tutorial that’s the perfect solution for your needs.

Note: if you’re having trouble with this tutorial, comment below so I can help you! It’s possible that these instructions will vary depending on your theme.

6 Responses to WordPress: How to switch your sidebar’s position on your Artisteer theme

  • John Paulding says:

    Thanks Zach, For some reason on the three column layout in artisteer, there’s no choice but to have the sidebars on the right. I needed them on the left and now they are.

      • Piswell says:

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  • Helen says:

    Hi Zach

    Great tutorial. Do you have any idea how to fix an issue with Internet Explorer 7 whereby a right hand sidebar appears on the left below the main content?

    I tried changing it ie7.css to float right which worked but it still won’t go alongside the main content.

    Its fine in ie8, ie9, Firefox, chrome and safari…

    • internet explorer handles padding differently, so if it perceives your sidebar to be too wide, it will make ti go to the next line.

      Try this: change it back to float: left, and reduce the width by 100px or so, just to test. If that doesn’t fix it, I’m not sure what the problem is without digging in to it.

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