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How to use & configure Artisteer slideshows

In this video I will show you how to utilize the slideshow feature in Artisteer, and also how you can configure its appearance and settings.

Click here to check out the downloadable Artisteer template used in this video.

29 Responses to How to use & configure Artisteer slideshows

  • jim says:

    I want to know how to export the slideshow so it then runs in Joomla once I’ve made it in Artisteer?

    I run Artisteer 4 on a Mac using the free Virtual Box, which lets you run Windows without having to re-boot. Bit of a fiddle to install but got there in the end. You need a copy of Windows of course. There is other paid-for virtualisation software that some people prefer, by the way. The other way around – to run Mac on Windows – I believe some people may use a ‘hackintosh’ but I don’t believe that’s legal.

  • Martin says:


    I wanted to ask, is there a way, after I uploaded the template to the website, to manually manage the slide-s some options like add or remove images, via joomla administrator? Please let me know if you found out. Between modules…(joomla admin, module manager) I did not found the header slideshow.

    Ah and yes, it is alittle dumb that the slideshow interval is not configurable,, maybe use JSN slideshow free instead?

  • Paul says:

    Hi Zach,
    Nice video blog you have.
    I recently started using the slider functions of Artisteer 4.0 and loved the Slideshow features it carries. Moving them to Joomla also was straightforward and all is working fine. But now I want to start changing the slideshow (at least the images and text – not the size or animation settings) from within Joomla. I can of course overwrite the images in file paths of my webspace, but this clumsy . An extension that interfaces with the JQuery code of the slideshow made by Artisteer would be an ideal solution.
    Are you ware if such extensions exists … I did not find it within 1 hour so I gave up.

    thanks for the answer already.


  • Willem says:

    Hi Zack

    Is there a way to have a full sheet width slider below the header and above the sidebar? I need a slider, but only for the homepage?

    • There is, but I wouldn’t personally use the Artisteer slideshow for it, since it involves doing a little bit of hacking. You’ll basically need to create a new page template that has the slider hard-coded into the php. So there’s not an easy way to do it if you’re not tech savvy. I’d suggest either ditching the sidebar on that page, or just putting the slider in the content column.

  • Scott says:

    You can actually change the animation speed of slides by selecting “Motion” from the top menu, then “Options” at the bottom of the drop-down. This will open up the right side panel with options for: Speed, Delay, and Repeat options. ;-)

  • Mac and PC says:


    I share your dilemma but I found a good compromise. Artisteer allowed me to have use the same license on my Mac and PC running different versions of course. I have 3.1 on th Mac take it out mainly to do mockups in front of the clients, so they sign up on the spot. When I get back I import the file into the PC running 4.0.1. Of course if the client reauests anything like slideshows etc, I explain they will be done, so 3.1′s lack of features does not lose me business. I simply import the Mac Artisteer file into the PC and the templqte on that. It’s a bot of messing around, but hey it wins the business. Of course I do this for a living so we learn to compromise. Hope it helps.

  • Tony Bittick says:

    This is all wonderful, however… can I assume you’re using Artisteer 4.0? On a Mac, we only have 3.1 and I can’t find any of the menu items from your demo. Can you confirm this for me?

    Thank you for the work you do, it’s great stuff, just frustrating that it appears to only address a segment of the artisteer audience because of them…

    • Hi Tony! You’re quite right about me being on a PC with version 4.0. I can imagine it would be frustrating to be on a mac and be snubbed by Artisteer. However, I’ll do a post soon about a good WordPress slider plugin that will be a good fit for you. :)

      • Dave Cleveland says:

        I also use a Mac, I just run Windows on Bootcamp for times when I might need a Windows program. It’s a bit of a hassle but it’s not impossible to get the job done.

      • Tony Bittick says:

        Zach I really appreciate it. I only own Mac so the Windows scenario isn’t an option. I’ve run this by artisteer and I have to say it’s the only time I’ve had a company say that because of something within the Mac OS they have problems programming artisteer 4.0 to work.

        What sux is paying the same amount of money and using a less superior product.

        I would love any tutorials you have regarding slides show. Particularly within the banner image of the page. I’ve got a custom site where I would like to make the banner image change. I probably haven’t work hard enough at it; just haven’t found the plugin I could put on the page in the size I want it, and exactly where I want it. I’m sure somebody with some PHP could do it with their eyes shut. Sadly, that’s not me.

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